Ssh- don't tell anyone...

Ok, so in attempt to try and heal myself and avoid living my whole life on morphine and neurological medication, I have been giving myself a diet overhaul for a while now.
After needing to cut out dairy for my solely breastfed, lactose intolerant 6 month old, I have mostly been inspired by Ella Woodward (of 'Deliciously Ella' fame)'s inspiring story of how she managed to eliminate her own medication and use natural foods that heal, after ditching the Haribo, Ben and Jerry's and crisps she so honestly said she lived on prior to her own life change.
I have completely embraced this new way of eating and living and as I am the house cook, my whole family have had no choice but to join me, with my husband only occasionally needing to add meat to our plant based family meals.
I am completely loving how this lifestyle change is making me feel. I can honestly say I feel better for the changes and despite letting myself eat meat and other treats when it is offered socially, I have found myself taking the whole thing very seriously with almost every meal having fore thought of it's components' abilities to reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and do other wonderful things for my body. (Have I ever mentioned I have perfectionism issues??!!)
Tonight I have slipped.
Ok, not slipped- catastrophically fallen spectacularly into a crevasse of failure!

Hormones? Tiredness? Or the fact that my husband went to bed at 5.30pm feeling under the weather, my toddler had a late bedtime and my night times have been devoid of sleep since my baby came down with a stinking cold three days ago and has decided to use my boobs as a dummy every hour of the night- I've no idea, but I suspect a combination of all of the aforementioned factors is to blame.

Whatever it is, my only excuse is thus- I'm human and I'm a bloomin' knackered mummy!

My sins tonight have included a slice (OK two!) of bread and butter; some chocolate leftover from my daughter's Easter haul, and I am about to tuck into three mini pizzas that I bought on offer only days ago for my daughter's forthcoming birthday party!
Until 8pm this evening, nothing had passed my lips that wasn't organic or plant based and having been cooked from scratch.
Since 8pm it has been game over!

I know I will feel truly rubbish for this, but as my poor little monkey wrestled with my boobs and I for a good hour and a half before finally going to sleep in front of The Big Bang Theory this evening, (following my first good intention of reading him 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' failed spectacularly with him head butting the book and then eating the page where they go through the river!) I fell onto the sofa and more tired than I have been in a long time and craved rubbish!
I am a fool! Until I just posted upload, the only one who knew a thing of this glutinous crime has four legs and communicates through barking.
Confessing my sins- clearly yesterday's sermon at church touched me more than I had realised!
Or maybe I've realised since getting more into this social media thang that it can appear that some of these mummy bloggers that I follow never sit and eat Nutella out of the jar in their pjs, never walk out of the door with baby sick and boob milk adorning their perfectly ironed tops and never have Peppa Pig stickers stuck to their arses and three day old M and S Food wrappers decorating the floors of their vehicles.

The truth is I am a baby wearing, breast feeding, organic eating, chemical avoiding hippy of a mummy, who reads books on attachment parenting and positive discipline and subscribes to The Green Parent magazine, but I am also a human one and one where despite these good intentions-
  I fail and sometimes only chocolate will do!
And on that note I will return to the multipack of snack size Malteser bags I had purchased for my daughter's party bags that I've just snuck out of the garage!!
I'm going to stop talking/typing now before I tell you all my secrets!
Oh, and my baby appears to be waking for the third time this evening.
It's going to be a long night!
This calorie wasted sugar hit better at least help me through the lonely hours of 2-3am when my pain is raging and my baby thinks I am the only person in this world!
Wish me luck folks!
Don't worry, I'll be back on the quinoa wagon in the morning and posting Instagram pics it's to prove it I'm sure!


  1. Hey Karen - you're human, don't worry. It is bloomin' knackering with small people, no one every really tells you that or if they do none of us really know until we are THAT tired. Good luck tonight, tomorrow is another day and you can certainly hold your head up high xx


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